Mom Clicks On Stranger’s Facebook Photo, Then Realizes It’s A Picture Of...

Mom Clicks On Stranger’s Facebook Photo, Then Realizes It’s A Picture Of Her Stillborn Daughter


1-1Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Royal Melbourne Show, an agricultural event held in Australia each September. One of those guests this past year was a young mother named Monica Taylor.

While walking around the show late one night, Monica found a photo crumpled up on on the ground. Curious, she picked it up and immediately knew it was a photo of someone’s stillborn baby.

Having once delivered a stillborn baby herself, Monica knew that whoever the photo belonged to would probably be heartbroken about losing the precious photo. However, there were no notes or clues on the back of the picture.

When Monica returned home, she emailed her phone number to the Show’s lost and found center. But she couldn’t get it out of her mind; she decided she needed to do more than that.

Knowing the power of social media, Monica shared the photo on her Facebook page, hoping the internet could help reunite the photo with its rightful owner.

Never in her wildest dreams did Monica expect what happened next…

Note: The following content may be distressing for some viewers.

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Facebook / Monica Taylor

Monica Taylor, a young mother from Australia, recently visited the Royal Melbourne Show.

Late one night, Monica noticed a photo crumpled up on the grounds of the annual agricultural event.


Facebook / Monica Taylor

The second she looked at the photo, Monica knew exactly what it was: a photo of a stillborn baby.

Having once delivered a stillborn son, Monica was certain that someone out there was desperately searching for this photo, but she had no idea who that person was.

When Monica returned home that night, she emailed her phone number to the staff at the Royal Melbourne Show.


Monica realized she might have better luck sharing the photo on Facebook in the attempt to reunite the picture with its rightful owner.

Monica also captioned the photo: “There are no identifying notes on the back and I didn’t witness who it fell from, but as an angel mum to a stillborn son myself, I instantly knew by seeing it, what it was, and if this where mine (quite possibly the only photograph she had) I would be absolutely devastated!”


Facebook / Monica Taylor

In mere hours, the post was shared 7,000 times by strangers across the country.

Monica was stunned to discover that even people who had never lost a baby empathized with the photo’s significance.


Less than 24 hours after posting the photo to Facebook, a woman saw the image online and contacted Monica.

She asked to keep her identity anonymous, to which Monica agreed.


Monica updated her Facebook page with the incredible news: the woman who contacted her was indeed the mother of the stillborn baby girl in the photo.

The photo was the only keepsake she had of her baby.

Since sharing her story with the world, countless mothers of stillborn babies have spoken out, expressing their gratitude to Monica and saying how they, too, would have loved to be reunited with such a precious keepsake.

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